Tumblr, Melissa; Melissa, Tumblr. Nice to meet you. I tumble for myself; I blog things that make me smile so when I'm feeling down I have a place to remind me why I need to pick myself up.

And this is why I need to keep on living.

I like hands, David Bowie, the early 70s, cactuses, grammar, Christmas lights and that feeling of infinite cleanness after you get out of the shower.

I really like it when people ask me things.

This humble skin of mine.

"Piety? God? Oh beautiful, much misused words. I’m both when I have done my work in such a way that I can finally die. A painted or drawn hand, a grinning or weeping face, that is my confession of faith; if I have felt anything at all about life it can be found there." Max Beckmann

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